"Hell On Earth"

Advanced Photoshop tutorial that's easy to follow.

Took me years to understand how to blend images together well. I figured it comes down to 3 things... photography, stock photos, and photoshop techniques.

" All the shit I learn from you so far had made me a better graphic designer & I really mean that bro."
- Hector Hazmat Cruz
" Mannn, it is all really helpful honestly. The prep/compositing and retouching has the most valuable lesson in my opinion. That and the final touches really make a big deal in the final product. You make it look easy man."
-Marlon Sorrentino

VIDEO 1. Introduction

VIDEO 2. Preparing Your Main Image

In the introduction I go over how I shoot and light my image.

Video Duration: 02:01

Before I start compositing I like to add sharpness to my image.

Video Duration: 12:22

VIDEO 3. Blending The Background

VIDEO 4. Adjustment Layers

Learn a simple way to blend two images to make a background.

Video Duration: 02:28

Learn how to use adjustment layers to blend your photos together.

Video Duration: 02:10

VIDEO 5. Skin Retouching

VIDEO 6. Adding Lava Hole in Ground

I use this skin retouching on all my work. Learn how I do it.

Video Duration: 06:57

Use a 2D image to create a 3D hole in the ground.

Video Duration: 22:53

VIDEO 7. Adding Rocks

VIDEO 8. Realistic Shadows

Add elements like rocks in your image to sell the effect.

Video Duration: 09:21

Nothing is complete without adding shadows to your work. If you don't, your design will not blend together.

Video Duration: 30:08

VIDEO 9. Sparks and Dust

VIDEO 10. Final Adjustments

Gotta add some sparks and dust to sell the image.

Video Duration: 05:28

After everything is done, gotta double check on everything to make sure it all blends together.

Video Duration: 06:25

What's Included?

You'll get all the stock photos used in the design plus PSD. And 10 videos.


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Q: What version of Photoshop do I need?
A: CS3 or higher.

Q: What version of Photoshop are you using?
A: I'm using CS5.

Q: Do I need to buy extra plugins?
A: You don't need extra plugins. I show you how you can use the tools within Photoshop. But I do suggest using Topaz Detail and Topaz Clean for better results.

Q: What format are the videos?
A: They're QuickTime files. Resolution is 1260 x 788.

Q: How large are the files?
A: They're 1.53GB total.

Q: If I need help, can I contact you?
A: Yes, the quickest way to reach me is text me (415) 496-6973

Q: How do I pay?
A: Click on "Download Now" and it'll take you to a PayPal checkout section.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you find yourself stuck and need help, just give me text on my direct line at (415) 496-6973.
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