In this Photoshop tutorial I show you how I mask out hair while keeping the small strains of hair. And how to add it to a new background and blend it in.

  • Anh Didi Bui

    Hey What’s up?
    So this technique seems to be perfect for pictures that have a solid color as a background. What if the background has a similar color range as the object? I picked the best color channel with the most (still not much) contrast and changed the level also. Still can’t see well.
    Is it possible somehow to work with the quick slct and lasso with the original version first and then mask it with white and black?

    Thanks for the tutorial,


    • Noyse Works

      can you email me the photo? to I wanna see how it looks like and how I would crop it out.

  • Tyreekbullock

    What’s up?
    Want to thank you for the Photoshop tutorial it is very helpful. I just had one question wen i got to invert my picture, the person turns black and my background is light. Not sure what i am doing wrong.

    • Noyse Works

      In that case you don’t have to invert the layer. Just make sure the background is black and the subject is white. Lemme know if it works for ya.

      • Tyreekbullock

        Yes it worked out gud thank you

  • Joeheaven

    Love your work, Thanks for the Tutorial, let me know when you have more.

  • Drebel187

    GREAT tutorials! your a master!

  • 8idabest

    You’re a very brilliant man.

  • Meghan


  • Jferg242

    Good stuff, keep it coming.

  • Jferg242

    I have a question, will this technique work the same way when the back ground is dark? Like if she was on a black background.

    • Noyse Works

      If it’s a black background, everything else has to be light… the hair, skin, and clothing.

  • ric

    nice .. great work

  • Brendan Reilly

    thats a great way to mask out things thanks for that