In this tutorial I show you how I do my color grading in Photoshop to get the “Movie Poster” look.

You will also need to check out my other 2 tutorials on Skin Retouching and Masking/Cropping photos.

  • Allen

    I jus used this lesson on a pic fa mi cuzzo, thanx man u throwed with them pics

  • carlito

    Appreciate these videos. I’m looking forward to seeing more, thnx Bruh!!

  • DJ Diamond T

    Hey Bro great post can’t wait, question how did you do your website as far as resolution and quality I can never no matter what I do get the clarity and resolution,

    • Noyse Works

      I designed the site/graphics myself. And I save the files highest resolution possible without being too large.


    When is the DvD Dropping?

    • Noyse Works

      I’m looking at Aug/Sept to release the DVD.

  • ApMack

    What do you use to create the continuous text?

  • NoSleepSociety

    Hey bro I’ve been coin graphic design for quite sometime now and have seen my share of tutorial videos and just wanted to salute u for this one! over the years I’ve learned similar Fx an us as designers have different ways of coin the same exact thing but out of curiosity I followed your tutorial to the T and didn’t even look at the video once just had it playing in the background and listened to everything u said…dope work bro seriously u explain thoroughly not one time was I mislead in anything u said….peep my site also for my clothing line I’m based outta sac Ca…

    • Noyse Works

      thanks man preciate it… I checked your clothing site and blog. You got some dope designs.

  • Nosleepsociety

    doin* x 2 lol