In this Photoshop tutorial I’m going to be showing you how I do my skin retouching on all my work. There are four simple steps to it.

  • – Applying Topaz Detail 2
  • – Cleaning the skin with the Patch Tool
  • – Adding adjustments layers
  • – Cleaning the skin again with the Smudge Tool

Topaz Detail 2 Plugin

  • Lsl

    sick with it!! keep them coming noyse!! great tutorial.

  • Ant V (PurpleInk)

    I like the grey layer that you added the noise to. Good idea. Keep it up noise.

  • Leksbeat

    Good shit Noyse! I’ll definitely will be using this.

  • Mila G

    MIXTAPE COVER TUT PLEASE!?!?! Ur dope… how much do u usually charge for this kinda stuff?

  • K€€G@N $©Ott

    That’s hella tight dude

  • vSharp

    yo thats dope homie, thanks for sharing. i never knew about the topaz plugins. ive always done that stuff by scratch. very nice, thanks again for sharing.

    • Noyse Works

      no prob…

  • Calliopeboy3rdwd

    Man you do GREAT work. Keep em coming man. I can leave ya site.

  • Eclsse1

    like very easy to follow you are my master thanks teach me more

  • Signalexporter

    can u post a vid on cropping a person out of an image easily, its very tough for me

    • Noyse Works

      what tools are you using to crop out your photos right now?

  • Signalexporter

    its also tough to make backgrounds, can you also post a vid on that too?

  • JoseValera000

    Pero No Entiendo Cuando Uso La Herramienta Dedo Parece Como Si Estoy Pintando Como Es Que Configuras La Intesidad

  • otha

    good shit fam