Premium Tutorials

  • gfxmedina

    can u do a tutorial on how u crop people and things.. im curious on how u color the things black or white to crop the picture

  • lugana

    Bro your the best to teach these skills man, Ive been doing some covers b4 pretty decent but with your skills I can learn how to make things pop. Thanks for doing this man

  • Andre

    aye fam im trying to purcase more videos keep them coming.

  • RaRa Nevada Reno


  • JimmyBone!!

    I admire you work!!! Awesome

  • Danny Ace

    Very Dope Homie!!!!

  • Whispers Ro-Closet

    I am a huge fan of all your work. i just got into the design business, and really needed to see this. hope to see many more tutorials

  • DelStar Big-Black Kennedy

    Are you still selling the dvd or just only online?

  • amine oumohammed

    very gOOd <3 tnx

  • HipHopFan

    This Dude Definately Is The Truth When It Comes To Covers And Photoshop Period!!!

  • Sharif Deejay

    HolyShit nicenesss keep on bro we salute

  • @YoungPrada5

    Shouldn’t there be any discounts or sale for people who can’t exactly afford the $47? i am sure there are many people out there with the motives of buying the premiums just that the price is kinda high for some people. such as myself.. i have been downloading tons of tutorials but i can’t move the way i really want to with the price tag up high.

    • Arjuna Bertini

      No there shouldn’t – when you realise the work put in (time in hours), and the valuable knowledge that Noyse is supplying you with, you wouldn’t have a problem with price point, it’s well worth it. Try booking a lesson anywhere else to learn the same things, you’re talking hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    • Noyse Works

      I will be launching a membership website Feb 5th. 4 new full length mixtape cover tutorials a month for $47. So that’s about $11.75 for a tutorial.

  • Buz

    Digged through your works.. They are all driving me crazy! I admire your daughter and how you do the video preview your artworks